Strategic Planning

Human capital is the linchpin to driving organizational strategy, focus and success. Yet, the human resources function has become a transactional entity rather than a strategic business partner. This is where Lighterfly comes in.

strategic planning

We learn your business as though it were our own, taking the time to understand your vision as well as what keeps you up at night. We translate that into a simple, impactful and agile people strategy to help your company get where you want to go, quickly. Every project we deliver moves your business strategy forward while keeping your culture intact.

People differ, as do their needs. Engage us to help define your problem and let us find the right solution to drive your business to success.

Talent Identification
& Acquisition

More than just getting bodies through the door, this is about finding the right long-term fit to help you advance your mission.


First impressions matter. We work with you to build a nurturing, welcoming, informative environment to set your new team members up for success out of the gate.

Policy and Procedures

You have enough risk to manage. We help define the necessary operating parameters to protect your employees and you.

Performance Management

We’ll help you get the best out of your teams with simple, accessible tools and methods to establish goals, assess progress and close the loop with feedback.

Let us help you.