We specialize in creating a cohesive strategy for organizations that is practical and meaningful.

Our Mission

Lighterfly believes in disrupting the traditional notions of HR. To provide true long-term value, the HR function must be a proactive, propelling force for the business. Most HR functions excel in de-risking and removing barriers, but that’s not enough anymore. Today’s business landscape sees volatility, rapid change, and a subsequent need for agility as the norm. And, what it takes to attract and retain employees changes almost by the day. If your people are the backbone of your success, don’t you need an HR team that can feed and take an active role in every facet of your strategy?

This is where we come in. Lighterfly is a different kind of consultancy. We are business leaders focused on business issues that happen to be in the people space. We help forward-thinking, entrepreneurial-spirited companies build true agility into their organizations. We are focused on defining a nurturing employee journey that aligns your employees’ engagement with your company’s strategic goals.

Our Beliefs

Lighterfly reframes the discussion to disrupt the traditional notions of HR. We start with your business goals in mind and then integrate them into a holistic, nimble human capital strategy to help you drive success. Our beliefs are simple and clear:

  • We believe that making real change requires an ability and willingness to take risks, learn quickly and adapt.

  • We believe in the spirit of entrepreneurship – bringing bold ideas to life requires passion, vision and persistence.

  • We believe that if the world of business must operate with more agility, it is imperative then for HR to do the same.

  • We believe that HR must be forward thinking, starting with topline strategy all the way down to the most administrative functions.

  • We believe that free food and happy hours do not drive retention. Designing an impactful employee journey that is meaningful and relevant to the employee will drive overall engagement.

  • We believe that a group of smart diverse people can solve any problem.

We want our work to stick.

Not every business is the right customer for Lighterfly. Certain business conditions accelerate the work that we do. The companies that have…

Forward Thinking CEOs

Growth Orientation

Entrepreneurial Mindset

People-Focused Values

…are the right partners for Lighterfly.