Lighterfly Believes in Disrupting the Traditional Notions of HR

To provide true long-term value, the HR function must be a proactive, propelling force for the business. Most HR functions excel in de-risking and removing barriers, but that’s not enough anymore.

Building Agility in Companies for Growth

We are business leaders, focused on business issues that happen to be in the people space. Read more.

Strategic Planning

Human capital is the linchpin to driving organizational strategy, focus and success.
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Design & Implementation

Lighterfly knows that companies don’t always have the internal time and resources to roll out programs.
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Outsourced Services

Companies have different needs. Lighterfly is here to meet those requirements.
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Learning & Development

Through careful assessment of your organization’s needs, we configure training for your operations.
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Executive Coaching & Facilitation

As a leader, you spend a significant amount of time guiding and supporting others. Lighterfly coaches and facilitators will be in your corner to help you lead your people and organization.
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Our Target Customers Have the Following Characteristics

Not every business is the right customer for Lighterfly.

Forward Thinking

Growth Oriented