Design & Implementation

Lighterfly knows that companies don’t always have the internal time and resources to roll out programs. Let us partner with you to creatively solve your problems. We will obsess over the details, stay on top of rollout and execution, and constantly tweak to make things better.

As part of your HR Team, we work to design and implement the programs needed to build a robust and agile workforce. Lighterfly designs annual review processes, employee engagement programs, and delivers other HR core services to build a strong human capital foundation.

People differ, as do their needs. Engage us to help define your problem and let us find the right solution to drive your business to success.

Performance Review Process

More than just getting bodies through the door, this is about finding the right long term fit to help you advance your mission.

Employee Engagement

First impressions matter. We work with you to build a nurturing, welcoming, informative environment to set your new team members up for success out of the gate.

Outsourced Services

Learn more about outsourced services.

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