Executive Coaching & Facilitation

As a leader, you spend a significant amount of time guiding and supporting others. Lighterfly coaches and facilitators will be in your corner to help you lead your people and organization.

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We will work with you to enhance your personal leadership style, with a focus on preserving authenticity and unlocking your potential.

Executive Coaching

As a business grows, it is critical that people are developed along the way. Most leaders understand the importance of coaching but may find it challenging to balance running the business and dedicate sufficient time to coach their teams. Lighterfly’s coaches offer experienced coaching that draws on first-hand experience from the front lines of various industries and organizations.


Companies can spend a lot of time circling around how to solve a problem. An experienced facilitator has the ability to drive engaging and meaningful dialogue towards identifying the problem, developing impactful solutions, and creating an action plan. Effective facilitation can shift an organization in real-time and have an immediate impact on the organization.

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